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These are a highlight of some of the tools we use for our investigations. Please note that select tools are custom made by MOC for MIC use only. 


K2/EMF Meter

1. The EMF Meter Range for Ghost Hunting helps measure the electromagnetic fields to identify appliances that produce high-level emissions, allowing users to make informed decisions about limiting exposure.

2. The detectors have been associated with locations, where unexplained phenomena have been reported like alleged haunting. The K2 Ghost Hunting Detector operates on a single battery, and reports EMF measurements in five milliGauss ranges.

3. Measure wide spectrum of EMFs from 50 Hz up to 20,000 Hz, and it can register a cell phone that is within 2 feet.

4. Measure EMF level protect from potentially harmful long term overexposure to EMFs.



Within ghost hunting and parapsychology, electronic voice phenomena (EVP) are sounds found on electronic recordings that are interpreted as spirit voices that have been either unintentionally recorded or intentionally requested and recorded. Parapsychologist Konstantīns Raudive, who popularized the idea in the 1970s, described EVP as typically brief, usually the length of a word or short phrase.



It’s well known among ghost hunters that thermal imaging is an important tool for tracking down spirits from beyond. Often times non-believers cast doubt on ghost hunters, citing technical abnormalities as the reason some see ghosts. 

We use this device for catching reflections, and residual leftover hot/cold traces.


Structured Light Sensor (SLS) Camera

The Kinect SLS Camera has an infrared light projector with a monochrome CMOS sensor that shows everything as dots arranged in 3D formation. These infrared dots allow the camera to show depth and detail. The software “sees” people by recognizing joints and movements. The IR will detect paranormal entities that the program recognizes as a human shape based on the body parts and joints. Video can be recorded directly to a tablet attached to the SLS build where you can also directly monitor in real time.

These SLS Cameras are made by our crows in the shop!


SBox Ghost Scanner + Recorder

The SBox Ghost Scanner is a spirit box radio frequency sweep scanner and recorder for paranormal research. 


  • Automatic FM/AM Radio Sweep + Spike Detect

  • Record & Playback Radio Sweep and EVP Audio

  • Adjustable Sweep Speed Control

  • Rechargeable Battery and Long Life

  • SD Card Port for Recording (32GB Max)

  • Forward or Reverse Sweep Direction

  • Loud, Amplified Speaker (10x power) and Headphone Port

  • Backlit Display and Built-in Flashlight

  • Bluetooth Connection for Use as a Wireless Speake


Infrared (IR) Flashlight

This is used in conjunction with an IR camera which enhances the visibility while investigating in low lit or pitch black environments.

This one here was created, designed and built by Murder of Crows investigations!


All Seeking Sally Motion Activated Doll



In addition to detecting 'Natural' and man-made EMF frequencies (AC/DC) & ambient temperature changes in the environment, this new feature also uses a mini telescopic antenna to radiate its own independent magnetic field around the instrument. This EM field can be easily influenced by materials and objects that conduct electricity. Based on source proximity, strength and EM field distortion... four Multi-Colored LED lights can be activated in any order or combination. This device also includes our popular ATDD (Ambient Temperature Deviation Detection) unit that detects and alerts you to ambient temperature changes with an audio tone. If the temperature drops, a lower tone is heard and if the temperature rises the tone is heard with a higher pitch alert. This is very helpful in detecting environmental changes without staring at the unit all night.


Ghost Music Box

  • Paranormal activity detector - music box goes off as soon as something moves infront of it 

  • Creepy Music Box starts playing when detecting activity and light goes on

  • Each One is Carefully Hand-made by an Engineer = Top Quality! 

  • Works as a Trigger Object



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